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Nova Scotia passes the one million population mark

Nova Scotia

Key Takeaways:

  • Nova Scotia has reached a significant population milestone, surpassing one million people, after experiencing record growth since July 2021.
  • “Reaching one million is a watershed moment in our province’s history.”

After years of declining population, the world is discovering how unique Nova Scotia. We have momentum and are growing,” Premier Tim Houston said. “More people strengthen us in every way.”

We all concession from this growth with a more extensive tax base, new businesses and jobs, greater diversity and culture, and improved infrastructure. I urge our citizens, employers, communities, schools, and workplaces to welcome new Nova Scotians and to lengthen a warm welcome to all who choose to live in our spectacular Province.”

population of Nova Scotia; Image from Canada voice News

Economic growth is a top importance for the government, as stated in Ministers’ mandate letters. The Province is working across government, with businesses, communities, and other stakeholders, to attract and retain more young people, entrepreneurs, or skilled workers who provide essential healthcare, education, and construction.

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Immigration has played a significant role in Nova Scotia’s population growth. The Department of Labour, Skills, and Immigration collaborates with employers to find innovative ways to meet current and emerging needs in shortage occupations while also streamlining the immigration process.

To achieve a population of two million by 2060, Nova Scotia intends to attract 25,000 newcomers every year through a combination of migration from other components of Canada also strategic immigration efforts.

While Canada’s real-time population clock website is unavailable, Nova Scotia has surpassed one million people. According to Statistics Canada’s The Daily report for today, December 16.

Between January 1 and April 1, 2021, 5,696 people moved to Nova Scotia from other countries and parts of Canada. And the Province’s population increased by 2,877 the highest increase in the first quarter since 1971.

India, China, the Philippines, Korea, or the United Kingdom were the top five source countries for all landed newcomers to Nova Scotia in 2020.

Source: Nova Scotia

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