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N.S. reports 394 new cases of COVID-19, with 7 people hospitalized

new cases of COVID-19,

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  • Houston has announced a new grant for businesses that the latest restrictions have harmed.
  • On Friday, Nova Scotia reported 394 new cases of COVID-19, with seven people hospitalized, two of whom are in critical condition.

According to the province, there are 295 new cases in the central zone, 54 in the eastern zone, 27 in the northern site, and 18 in the western area.

During a COVID-19 briefing, Nova Scotia Premier Tim Houston stated that the “sheer volume” of new cases puts pressure on Public Health to keep up with tests.

“If you are optimistic, please inform your close contacts,” he advised. “The symptoms appear to be less severe so far, but it’s still COVID.”

He stated that older people or those with compromised immune systems might experience worse symptoms.

“Consider what would happen if things changed and people began to be hospitalized,” Houston says. Houston stated that the latest restrictions imposed by his government would harm businesses, so the government will offer a sector-impact support program, which will provide those businesses with a one-time grant ranging from $2,500 to $7,500.

new cases of COVID-19 cases reported in Nova scotia; Image from CTV News

Houston stated that St. Francis Xavier University and the student union were fined $11,622.50 each for failing to follow masking rules at its event.

A spokesperson for St. FX confirmed that tickets had been distributed in a statement. “Our current focus is on assisting our students and the community as they deal with this outbreak.

“Thankfully, what we’ve seen so far, and elsewhere in Canada,” Strang said, “is relatively mild disease.” “Dea spite the high number of cases, we’ve only had two new hospitalizations,” Strang stated that Nova Scotia is fully booked for vaccination appointments in December. Still, he anticipates that more will become available in January.

People in their 50s, he said, might be able to get a third shot in January.

“It’s really about giving each age cohort a reasonable amount of time to get vaccinated, starting with those who are most at risk,” Strang explained. “We have a lot of vaccination capacity and a lot of vaccines.”

Strang claims there is a “ripple effect” when people test positive and must isolate themselves, refusing to go to work or into the community, even if they aren’t seriously ill.

“We need to focus on severe illness rather than the overall number of cases and infections,” Strang said. It was the province’s seventh day in a row of announcing more than 100 new infections.

Source: CBC NEWS

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