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N.S. doctor help more African Nova Scotians to get the vaccine

COVID-19 vaccines

A Dartmouth doctor attempts to dispel myths about COVID-19 vaccines to persuade African Nova Scotians to get vaccinated.

The COVID-19 vaccination rate in Nova Scotia has been creeping toward 80%, but Dr. Chad Williams believes some people in African Nova Scotian communities may need more convincing.

There are several factors to consider. However, any discussion must first acknowledge that historical and ongoing issues have created divides between the African Nova Scotian community and the medical institutions in this province and throughout the Western world.

So there are a lot of issues surrounding that, creating doubts, attention, a lack of agreement with the community, and, as a result, a lack of uptake of specific medical advice, including vaccine safety, efficiency, and the importance of getting vaccinated.

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The underlying premise is that a bit of information may be one of the most dangerous things. Thus these bits of knowledge aren’t always completely wrong. They include some truth, but those truths might lead to highly misleading information and recommendations. One example is the belief that a person can contract COVID-19 whether or not they have been vaccinated.

Why should you get vaccinated?

COVID-19 can be acquired by those who have been vaccinated. What that bit of disinformation leaves out is the reality that getting COVID-19 is significantly less likely when you’ve been vaccinated. When vaccinated against COVID-19, your chances of getting sick and dying from it are much lower.

Most of African Nova Scotian communities are gathered on the church, which has served as a vital foundation in keeping the communities together. It’s a place of prayer, but it’s also a gathering place for people to welcome and connect.

One of the themes have been hearing is religious reasons why people should not get vaccines. This is something see in communities. Several people have brought this up as a source of concern for them.

Source: CBC News

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