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More inclusive education supports add-in Nova Scotia schools

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Key Takeaways:

  • This school year, Nova Scotia will fund an additional 277 inclusive education positions.
  • The team has completed the Year 1 interim report.

Teacher assistants and school counselors are among the positions available, as are autism and behavioral support specialists, school psychologists and speech-language pathologists, and African Nova Scotian and Mi’kmaq student support workers.

“We are committed to guaranteeing that every student has the opportunity to succeed,” said Becky Druhan, the minister of education and early childhood development, in a press release issued Friday.

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According to the province, the education system is adapting its inclusive education work plans based on the findings of a three-year review of Nova Scotia’s Inclusive Education Policy by a research team.

The researchers at the University of Ottawa, led by Jess Whitley and Andy Hargreaves, proposed better collaboration within schools and clearer communications across the school system about inclusive education.

“Every conversation we’ve had has revealed a passion for inclusive education that can ensure the success of all students in Nova Scotia,” Whitley and Hargreaves said in a joint statement. Nova Scotia’s Inclusive Education Policy was developed in response to a Commission on Inclusive Education recommendation and has been in effect since September 2020.

In our school, having specialized supports makes a big difference.

It’s lovely to have our SchoolsPlus team, social workers, guidance counselors, and other student support staff on hand for day-to-day consultation and as partners in supporting our students’ learning and well-being. It must be a collaborative effort.

We have come to a lengthy method in terms of including inclusive education support professionals in the educational system. It is now time to integrate these professionals into the classroom so that students, teachers, and families can reap the full benefits. We are collaborating with school sites to support students’ diverse needs and to implement wraparound supports seamlessly.

Source: CTV News, Novascotia

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