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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Forecasters are focusing on the Nova Scotia’s weather

Nova Scotia's weather

Key Takeaways:

  • On social media, there have been warnings of a possible mega-storm coming early next week.
  • A storm warning was issued by Nova Scotia Fire/Emergency/Info on Monday and Tuesday, with steady winds of 70-90 km/h, gusting to above 130 km/h, and 100 to 200 mm of rain.

Meanwhile, the TriCounty Weather Service is issuing a probable mega-storm warning, with the South Shore bearing the brunt of the heavy winds also rain. While it appears that wind and rain are on the way, which would be expected in mid-November, Environment Canada urges caution. “Whenever you’re talking about a storm that’s six days away, there’s still a lot of uncertainty.”

A massive low-pressure system is predicted to move up the Atlantic coast toward Nova Scotia early next week, bringing wind and rain with it. But, as Hubbard points out, how much varies on whatever model you use, and the intricacy of the low moving north and the other contributing elements used to forecast the significant storm leave a large margin of error.

According to SaltWire weather expert Allister Aalders, one of those variables is a predicted trough in the jetstream early to mid-next week, which will cause those high-altitude winds to drop.

The trough’s energy will try to disperse, but it will most likely be prevented by a high-pressure system off the coast of Greenland. High winds are likely to occur where those systems collide. An extensive low-pressure system approaching from the south would add moisture to the mix, resulting in heavy rain and the possibility of snow on the backside.

These three storms would have to feed into and rub against each other in just the right way for those high forecasted wind and rain numbers to impact Nova Scotia.

Hubbard and Aalders aren’t saying it won’t happen; they are just saying it’s too early to know when there are so many other possibilities. However, they both believe that following a pleasant weekend, it will be windy and rainy early next week, which isn’t surprising in mid-November in Nova Scotia. In any case, you might want to wait another week before putting up your Christmas lights.

Source: saltwire

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