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COVID-19 antiviral medicine reaches Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia

Key takeaways: 

  • Pfizer’s Paxlovid will first be proposed to the most vulnerable in the region.
  • The Pfizer Paxlovid reaches the province. 

The antiviral treatment of Covid reaches Nova Scotia: 

Nova Scotia states 900 medicine packages of the COVID-19 antiviral pill have landed in the region, but ideals for prescribing Paxlovid are still being completed.

The Health and Wellness Department stated it is operating to complete the supply functional “as soon as feasible,” and particulars about the distribution of Pfizer’s Paxlovid are still being performed out with stakeholders, including Nova Scotia Health. Source –

Earlier this week, Health Canada authorized the oral antiviral treatment created to assist the body battle off the virus, ease symptoms from illness, and trim the infection period.

Dr. Lisa Barrett, who ministers to COVID-19 patients and will prescribe the therapeutic once it begins rolling out, stated a distribution plan could take another few weeks.

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Pzifer Paxlovid the antiviral medicine of the covid reaches Nova Scotia

But she stated the first 900 medicine packages would aid 900 individuals. The pill is taken twice a day for five days. 

It will be created available to the most vulnerable, including those who are not completely vaccinated for one reason or another and individuals over the age of 50 who hold a danger factor such as transplant or cancer patient. 

“We’re expecting that it’s going to create a distinction for the most vulnerable individuals,” stated Barrett in an interview on Thursday. “This is for individuals at the most increased risk of infection, and we don’t want them to have to shield anymore at home.” Source –

Barrett reported the pill was created to decrease hospitalization and demise. She stated that the expectancy would assist in alleviating strains on the healthcare system.

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