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Atlantic provinces in reducing the eligibility age for COVID-19 booster shots

eligibility age for COVID-19 booster shots

Key Takeaways:

  • Nova Scotia is lagging behind other Atlantic provinces in lowering the age limit for booking a COVID-19 booster dose.
  • Anyone 50 years of age and older in New Brunswick is eligible for a COVID-19 booster six months after receiving their second dose.

Individuals 18 years and older in Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador can get the third shot six months after receiving a second one.

Individuals aged 60 and older and those considered at higher risk, such as healthcare workers and immunocompromised individuals, are eligible for a COVID-19 booster dose in Nova Scotia.

Strang adds that he anticipates bookings for booster doses in Nova Scotia for people aged 50 and up to open in early to mid-January.

COVID-19 booster shots; Image from Financial Times News

Clinics are being added in New Brunswick to meet the demand for the third shot. “We’re adding as many clinics as we can, and I’m expecting that in the very early new year. We’ll be at 40 or more,” said Dorothy Shephard, New Brunswick’s Health Minister.

Dr. Joanne Langley, a pediatric disease specialist and vaccine researcher, says different countries and provinces approach booster shots differently.

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She points out that there is small evidence that vaccine immunity fades in people under 50 years old six months after the second dose. However, little is known about the Omicron variant suggests that younger people appear to fare better if they become infected.

Langley investigates how boosters can improve immunity when administered and how long the protection lasts.

“If someone has had two doses of a vaccine and it’s been at least five or six months since their second dose, they could participate in the study,” Langley explained. Hundreds of healthy patients aged 30 and up who are willing to roll up their sleeves for a third shot are being sought for the study.

Source: CTV News

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