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Saturday, December 2, 2023

As a COVID-19 protection, 3 Nova Scotia universities have suspended in-person exams

3 Nova Scotia universities have suspended

Key Takeaways:

  • Alternative arrangements, such as moving exams online, are being made.
  • Acadia has also canceled all in-person events.

To control the lay of COVID-19 on their campuses, Dalhousie University, Cape Breton University, and Acadia University have announced that they will no longer offer in-person exams as of Tuesday, while Saint Mary’s University is also making changes.

There were 13 confirmed cases of COVID at Dalhousie as of 3 p.m. AT on Monday. Thirty-two people tested positive on a rapid test and were awaiting the results of a PCR test.

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CBU had one confirmed case, and several people were awaiting the results of PCR tests. On Monday, the province announced that 40 cases of the omicron variant had been discovered in Nova Scotia.

COVID-19 protection; Image from The Century foundation

The remaining exams at Dalhousie will be postponed, moved online, or canceled. CBU stated that it is working on options such as take-home exams, online exams, alternative assignments, and other alternatives deemed appropriate by the teaching staff.

Acadia has announced that all remaining exams will be taken online, postponed, or canceled beginning Tuesday. Anyone scheduled to take an in-person exam on Tuesday should receive instructions from their professor. When possible, employees are also encouraged to work remotely.

Meanwhile, Saint Mary’s continues with some in-person exams, but with new guidelines that go into effect on Wednesday. The Halifax-based university announced on Tuesday that all students taking in-person exams would be required to wear masks.

Exams, both in-person and remotely, are continuing as planned. According to the university, rooms for in-person exams will not be more than 75% full, and the majority will be less than 50% full.

All other December events, including holiday-related gatherings, are canceled, postponed, or moved online. Masks are also required in all campus common areas unless people are seated to eat or drink.

Source: CBC News

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