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After two water mains fail, homes flood, and Halifax’s massive hole opens up

Halifax's massive hole opens up

Key Takeaways:

  • Thousands of Halifax Water customers have been impacted.
  • Customers should also refrain from using the hot water faucet because it may draw discolored water into water heaters or tanks.

Separate water main breaks shut down traffic and disrupted water service to thousands of homes and businesses in two Halifax neighborhoods on Thursday, resulting in a massive hole along one road and flooding in some homes.

A water main break overnight opened a hole and closed part of Herring Cove Road near Dentith Road, according to a news release from Halifax Regional Police. According to an email from Halifax Water, approximately 7,000 service connections in the area were affected. Because an apartment building is counted as a single service connection, the number of people affected is higher.

A separate break occurred on McFatridge Road in Fairview, affecting approximately 20 service connections. Halifax Water said in a news release shortly before 5 p.m. that the Herring Cove Road and McFatridge Road repairs were completed, and the system was being refilled with water.

Halifax’s massive hole opens up; Image from Yahoo news Canada

“Customers at low elevations in the system will see their water service return to normal later this evening customers at higher elevations will see their water service return to normal later this evening,” the statement said.

According to Halifax Water spokesman Jake Fulton, water may be discolored at first, and residents should run cold water till it is clear before resuming normal water usage.

He claims that water is safe to drink once it runs clear. However, if the water doesn’t clear after 10 minutes, the utility suggests waiting a few hours and then trying again with cold water.

The road will stay blocked between Dentith Road and Sussex Street while personnel work to restore it, and a diversion will be in place. On McFatridge, Karen Armstrong’s basement flooded. The water was up to her knees, she said.

“Everything is in the air. My furnace is covered well, not completely covered, but the motor portion is so it’s probably no longer functional, as are my washer and dryer. Her insurance deductible is $2,000, and she is hoping that Halifax Water will cover the cost.

Source: CBC News

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