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Saturday, December 2, 2023

A family’s residence is devastated by fire, community to construct a new one

Nova Scotia

Key takeaways: 

  • The Morehouse household of Brighton, N.S., wants to shift into their latest home in late spring.
  • Volunteers support reconstructing the Morehouse family residence, ruined by fire in October.

Volunteers help build a home after fire ruins: 

A household of six from southwest Nova Scotia who lost everything in a house fire is now watching their latest residence be constructed from the ground up, appreciations to the empathy of their community. 

A regional carpenter began the task for complimentary the previous fall, and others have entered in to support him tackle the job in the neighborhood of Brighton, near Digby. 

Electricians and plumbers have contributed their time, regional firms have contributed supplies, and neighbors stop by every day to lend a hand.

The Morehouse family has longed to go home since the electrical fire destroyed their mobile residence in October. They expect to move into their latest place by late spring. 

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The house of a family ruined by fire gets help from the community to build a new one

“Our house is going to be the home that the community has constructed,” stated Nancy Morehouse. “From the funds for it to the actual labor… I can’t believe it.” Source –

Morehouse stated the October fire began in an electrical junction box that added the older part of the residence. The family was physically unharmed, but none of their possessions were rescued, and the place was ruined. 

“The loss has been terrible,” Morehouse stated.  Source –

“My Christmas decorations from my grandmother, baby bedcovers, little things that you get at the hospital when they come home, baby books, all my rememberings of my sister.” Source –

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