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Sunday, November 28, 2021

On a retaining wall, an artist depicts the history of the Magnetawan River

an artist depicts the history of the Magnetawan River

Key Takeaways:

  • The retaining wall just below the Magnetawan River locks in Magnetawan has been transformed into a 90-foot art mural.
  • The mural, which represents Magnetawan’s water history dating back to the 1800s, was recently completed by artist Nomi Drory.

The artwork is role of a project approved by the council earlier this year as part of a downtown beautification program. Drory was chosen to bring out the work because of his extensive experience with various art platforms.

Drory cleaned the retaining wall first before applying a concrete sealer and then began painting the various images with outdoor latex paint before applying a final sealer to ensure that the finished piece could withstand the elements over time.

The mural is called Our River Over Time; also, the picture depicts the river’s history from left to right. “The images are a timeline of the various vessels that passed through the water,” Drory explained.

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Magnetawan River

“It begins with a canoe on the far left, representing the Indigenous peoples of the time.” Across the length of the retaining wall, images of the various steamships that crossed the river begin to appear.

Drory also incorporated the Canadian Shield and the various types of plant growth and trees that surrounded the area and a lighthouse into the mural. Drory also used a lot of turquoises to capture the colors of the sky and water.

“However, I also spoke with locals to gain a better understanding of the Magnetawan River,” she explained. She’s previously painted images on large canvas and boards, but nothing on the scale of the 90-foot wall.

If the municipality’s beautification project continues to include artwork, Drory says she will apply again to create another piece of art for the community and its residents. The current project was made possible by a collaboration between Magnetawan and the Ontario government.

The project cost about $5,400, with the province covering 30% of the cost through its Regional Economic Development (RED) program and the municipality covering the rest.

Source: Nugget News

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