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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Kenzo Digital’s unique structure on top of the New York City building

Kenzo Digital's unique structure

The immersive art installation capitalizes on the power of New York City’s skyline.

In Air, a new permanent art installation at Summit One Vanderbilt. The Snohetta -designed top three floors of the 93-story skyscraper that opened next to Grand Central Station last September, Brooklyn artist Kenzo Digital has changed the heart of Midtown Manhattan into infinite artwork in the sky.

Air, an observation deck that doubles as an immersive work of art, is a reflective chamber of light and glass in which nearly every surface becomes another vantage point on New York City.

In total, the mirrors cover 25,000 square feet. The journey to the 91st level begins in a dimly lit corridor reaching up to the mirror-encased elevators, with a dramatic light and sound show (named “Launch”) signaling the start of the journey.

Visitors go down a curving white road drenched in shifting colored light and into the mirrored abyss, the city streets also skyline suspended in front, above, and below them, into infinity, reflected over and over.

The sun is never visible in the shadows cast by the buildings. As the storm approaches, you begin to see the city as a living organism reacting to the weather. There are fewer people outside, umbrellas are visible, and traffic moves differently due to the wet streets.”

immersive art by Kenzo Digital

As a result, Air is a work in progress, changing with the light and weather. Sound designer Joseph Fraioli, who has worked with filmmaker Christopher Nolan on films like Tenet, has created a soundtrack carefully timed to the time of day, adding to the illusion.

The shifting light show that begins each day at sundown, the twinkling lights cascading. The never-ending layers of the mirrored chamber will evolve, both in response to the city’s never-ending development and by the artist’s design. Kenzo has five years’ worth of versions of the shifting light show that begins each day at sundown. The twinkling lights cascaded through the never-ending layers of the mirrored chamber.

Adult tickets start at $39, with a $10 fee for sunset visits. For an additional $20, you can ride Ascent, a glass elevator situated on the building’s outside that takes you to a height of over 1,200 feet.

Source: Artnet news

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