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A ‘first-of-its-kind’ art exhibition opens in downtown Edmonton

'first-of-its-kind' art exhibition

Key Takeaways:

  • It’s a one-of-a-kind art show: a gallery full of canvases that look like paintings but photographs.
  • Poole is ecstatic to finally be able to show off his masterpieces after three years of hard work.

Hailey Poole and Adrien Veczan, two local artists, have collaborated to create Intermission, an idea that began with a re-creation of an Edward Hopper painting. After the first print, nine more were made.

“This is our first-ever showing, so none of these have been seen in real life,” Poole explained. “We showed a few people online and received a positive response.”

“However, seeing them in person has a greater impact.”

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All ten photographs were shot in Edmonton, and the models are also Edmontonians. “All of the photos you see were taken in different parts of Edmonton at different heritage sites,” Poole explained. “They just so happened to compliment the originals well.”

‘first-of-its-kind’ art exhibition; Image from Times Of India

The photos depict loneliness, which inspired the name Intermission.

“All of the characters in our images and hoppers are anti-moments,” Veczan explained. “It’s in between more drastic climatic actions.” So, instead of showing something happening, you can imply that something happened before and will happen again, but we’re catching people in a pause.”

The beautiful thing about the photos is that everyone will interpret what they think the images mean.

“I think they’re also exciting. “You can’t have the wrong impression of them,” Poole said. “You can look at them and create your own story, and I think they’re inspiring.” “This is an art whose meaning varies depending on who is looking at it,” Veczan explained. “There is no way you won’t get it because it has such a personal meaning.”

The public can see the show for the first time on Friday at 5 p.m. at the Saddlery Gallery. You have until January 9th to make a viewing appointment. On Sundays, the public is welcome, and entry is free.

Source: Global News

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